babylon-projekt/developer articles

Working with members of a project.

Members list

List all users who are members of a organization.

GET /organizations/:id/members



Check membership

Check if a user is a member of the project.

GET /organizations/:id/members/:id

Response if user is a member

Status: 204 No Content

Response if user is not a member

Status: 404 Not Found

Get organization membership

GET /organizations/:id/memberships/:id


  url: "",
  state: "active",
  role: "Owner",
  project_url: "",
  project: {
    name: "test",
    url: "",
    id: 11,
    members_url: "",
    avatar_url: "/assets/defaults/original.svg",
    type: "Project"
  user: {
    username: "Nebukadnezzar",
    url: "",
    html_url: "",
    id: 1,
    avatar_url: "/uploads/store/8daf89b7c8f771e421d812a6864ba8ef.jpg",
    type: "User"