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Márquez Rowe, I. (2016). Two Middle-Babylonian Atra-ḫasis Tablets from Babylon. Aula Orientalis, 34(1), 57–70.


Title Two Middle-Babylonian Atra-ḫasis Tablets from Babylon
Author I. Márquez Rowe
Pages 57-70
Number 1
Year 2016
Journal/Volume Aula Orientalis 34
Abstract Sixteen years ago Barbara Böck and the present writer published the Atra-ḫasīs fragment MM 818 in this very journal, namely volumes 17-18 honoring Gregorio del Olmo Lete's sixty-fifth birthday. Then MM 818 was described as written in a coarse Late Babylonian script, possibly in Babylon. As it happens, in the course of research work on the Middle Babylonian omen tablets from Babylon the present writer chanced upon a Babylon excavation photograph showing the very same fragment MM818. The main aim in this paper is on the one hand to present the new readings of signs legible on the phhoto but no longer preserved on the fragment, and on the other to briefly (re)consider the Middle Babylonian Atra-ḫasīs
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