Introducing discussions #1


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This is the very first discussion on babylon-online!
@Katja Sternitzke
and all the others
As one can see, it is possible to mention people or organizations. Later (todo) those users behind people and organizations will get notified.
It is also possible to reference things. For now these are Publications
#Pedersén 2005
and Concepts like 
. These references are shown and linkt below the comments. On the other end, they get a reference to this discussion and comment.
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Opening a discussion and commenting and reopening a discussion is open to anyone with a user account. All discussions are readable by anyone visiting the site. Comment editing or removing is only allowed to the comment author. Moderating discussions, like closing, locking, changing the title, is allowed to the discussion creator, any assignee and anyone owning the repository in which the discussion is created.
You can filter discussions:
'is:open' only shows ongoing discussions
'is:closed' only shows closed discussions
'author:"%name%"' shows discussions by a specific author
'mentions:"%name%"' shows discussions mentioning %name%
'comments:>10' only shows discussions with more then 10 comments
'assignee:"%name%"' shows discussions with %name% assigned
you can mix and match these filters together with a string you are looking for. There are more.. but for now i forgot about them.
You can also attach files to a comment! Simply drag and drop or paste it from your computer or click the paper-clip in the toolbar.

Those are uploaded to in the background and then are referenced to the comment. For big files this may take some time, so, for now, please wait before clicking 'Comment' or 'Update'.
Why can I only start a discussion in a repository?
When i like to discuss something i am on a mission. I have a question, perhaps a scientific question in my head which i can lay out to others. In this context i can reference other elementary facts of others, like concepts, publications, artifacts and their views, discussions and documents. That is why you can not start a discussion on a publication for example on its own. You need a reason!