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The bibliography section contains a complete collection of references on 'Babylon'.

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The team of the Babylon Pilot project systematically catalogued the thousands of objects and archival documents from and about Babylon, processing them for future scholarly research and organising them within the collection. The work focused on the on the output of the 20th century German Archaeological Excavations at the ruins of the once famous City of Babylon, namely the Koldewey-excavations (1899-1917) and the excavations conducted by the German Archaeological Institute (1957-1973).
The development of BabylonOnline was one of the outcomes of this team's work. BabylonOnline was deliberately designed as a research framework and digital data hub with additional collaborative research tools and services. This design allowed the team to upload the corresponding data sets and to enrich them with e.g. bibliographical references on Babylon or an underlying vocabulary. Moreover, these were made freely available for future research projects, open for re-use and further individual enrichments.